Blinded Veterans Association


Many Americans are surprised to learn that more than 165,000 blind or visually impaired veterans now live among us. Each year, some 7,000 veterans become newly blind or visually impaired as age-related macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy affect their lives more profoundly. In addition, some 13 percent of the evacuated wounded service members in Iraq and Afghanistan have suffered a serious eye injury of one type or another.

The need for the educational services, counseling, representation, and peer support offered by the Blinded Veterans Association has never been greater. BVA is committed to locating blinded veterans who need the services that will help them overcome the challenges of blindness and lead productive and fulfilling lives. The Association’s leadership, membership, and staff are anxious to guide blinded veterans through the rehabilitation process and to continue their work as advocates for blinded veterans and their families in the public and private sectors.BVA fulfills its unique mission by:

Promoting access to technology and the practical use of the latest research.

Supporting vocational and recreational programs that foster rehabilitation.

Offering encouragement and emotional support

Providing role models who have conquered seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Serving as a medium of communication for and about issues of concern to blinded veterans and their families.

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