NAPC of Central New England


The purpose of PCCNE is to provide support and fellowship to all parents who will progress with their sons and daughters through their Naval Academy experience. Their Midshipmen have the support of their company-mates, class-mates, teammates, Academy staff and personnel and the general community. The parents have each other, and they invite you to join them, to share and to learn.

Membership is open to all persons interested in the Naval Academy. Members are parents of current midshipmen, parents of former midshipmen now pursuing their careers in the Navy and Marines, and Blue & Gold Coordinators and Officers.

They strive to:

•Help parents become better informed about the Naval Academy, its programs and objectives

•Share ideas on coping with the victories, frustrations and defeats while at the Academy

•Recognize the accomplishments of our midshipmen

•Provide opportunities to exchange information concerning career opportunities after graduation

•Offer many opportunities to come together in fellowship to support our sons and daughters


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