DEERS / ID Card / CAC Office
Department of Defense

Program Description

General Information

This office handles all DEERS updates, and issues Common Access Cards (CACs) and dependent and retiree ID cards. Additionally, they assist with locked CAC/Pin Reset.

Locked CAC/Pin Reset

If your CAC has been locked as a result of too many invalid attempts, or you have forgotten your PIN, there are workstations you may use to reset your own PIN without having to go to a RAPIDS workstation. Each Service supplies its own CAC PIN Reset workstations, therefore you will need to contact your Service point of contact below to locate the workstation nearest you:

Air Force PKI Office – (210) 925-9145

Army CAC PKI Helpdesk – (866) 738-3222

Coast Guard CAC Office – (202) 475-5400

Marine Corps CAC/PKI Office – (703) 432-6809

Navy CAC/PKI Office – (850) 452-7705

DEERS Support Office

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the DEERS Support Office at 1-800-538-9552. They can also verify statuses and change/update DEERS information.


  • All DEERS updates
  • Issues Common Access Cards (CACs) and dependent and retiree ID cards.
  • Adding/Removing Family Members
  • Locked CAC/Pin Reset


  • Active Duty Military
  • Retired Military
  • Military children under 21
  • Military children aged 21-23 who are full time students
  • Contractors


  • Required Documents
  • All customers needing a CAC or ID card issued to them are required to bring in two valid forms of identification, preferably a federal, state, or local government ID, a driver’s license, a valid passport, a birth certificate, or social security card. This requirement includes all dependent and retiree ID cards. If the sponsor cannot be present with their dependents during the issue of their ID cards, a verified or notarized original copy of the DD Form 1172 is required. A general power of attorney is also acceptable.
  • Full Time Students
  • If you are requesting extended eligibility for a dependent who is over 21 years old, but under 23 years old, and is a full-time student at an accredited institution, a letter is needed from the school’s registrar’s office. This letter should state that he/she is a full-time student, and also an expected graduation date. If an expected graduation date is not provided, then the date listed on the letter will be used. This letter will also be needed during the issuance of the ID card, if the dependent is getting it issued at another facility, or at a later time. An acceptable document can also be downloaded from the National Student Clearing House for a small fee. Please note that some schools on this website do not place an expected graduation date on their documents.
  • Adding/Removing Family Members
  • Sponsors needing to add new family members or remove current family members are required to bring the following documents:
  • For a new spouse – the marriage certificate, driver’s license or other photo ID, and social security card are needed. Please note that if the name is not yet updated on the social security card, the current name on the card will be used. New ID cards can be reissued once the social security card is updated with the new last name.
  • For a new child – the birth certificate or proof of birth letter, and social security card is needed. If no social security card has been issued yet, a temporary ID number will be assigned to the child. The sponsor will have 90 days to provide the actual social security card to any DEERS office. Failure to do so will result in a Direct Care suspension through TRICARE.
  • To remove a spouse – the divorce decree is needed to remove them from the sponsor’s record.
  • Sponsors requesting to add their parents/parents-in-law, stepparents and parents-by-adoption, must contact the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) for their respective service branch, as follows:
  • US Navy: DFAS-CL/PMMACB, Dependency Claims Branch, 1240 E. Ninth Street, Cleveland, OH 44199-5500, telephone (216) 522-5567.US Air Force: DFAS-PMJPD/DE, 6760 East Irvington Place, Denver, CO 80279, telephone (303) 676-7907.
  • US Army: DFAS-IN, Attn: Director of Military Personnel, Special Assistance Division, Dependency/Garnishment, 8899 East 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46249-0855.
  • US Marine Corps: (refer to AFI 36-3026 IP, also known as MCO 5512.11D, page 172).
  • US Coast Guard: (refer to AFI 36-3026 IP, pages 177-178).

Contact Info

DEERS / ID Card / CAC Office

401-275-4013 / 4163
AG HQ Rhode Island
645 New London Ave,
Rm 125
Cranston, RI

143rd AW, Air National Guard
1 Hercules Dr
North Kingstown, RI
Phone: 401-267-3270