Program Description

The program offers eligible members the opportunity to apply for a scholarship. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of: (1) eligibility; (2) scholastic achievement, character, leadership and need; (3) availability of funds for the current year and the number of applicants.


  • These are one-time awards and shall not be repeated. Non-recipients may reapply so long as stated requirements are met. If the school term is not completed, due to cause other than sickness or injury, the student will refund the scholarship award in full to the EANGUS Auxiliary.
  • Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of funds availability for the current year and the number of applicants.


  • EANGUS Auxiliary Members
  • Unmarried children/step children, grandchildren/step grandchildren, up to age 26, of Annual and Life EANGUS Auxiliary Members.
  • Spouses of EANGUS Auxiliary Members
  • Applicants must be enrolled at a university, college, business or trade school taking a minimum of eight accredited hours. **Graduate students are not eligible**.

How To Apply


  • An official transcript of high school credits and/or college credits for applicants already enrolled in institutions of higher learning.
  • Letter from applicant with specific goals to continue his/her education and why financial aid is required, not less than three hundred fifty (350) words and not to exceed five hundred (500) words.
  • Three signed letters of recommendation verifying the application and giving general personal traits. These may be from high school principal, counselor, dean, professor, minister, employer, etc.
  • A letter of recommendation and transmittal from State Auxiliary President, Scholarship Chairperson or Designee.

Contact Info

EANGUS Auxiliary Scholarship Program

3133 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, Virginia 22305-2640

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