Horses & Heroes

Program Description

The purpose of the program is to assist veterans, law enforcement, and others suffering from depression, PTSD, addictions or other mental disorders (war or non-war related) in the healing process through the use of Equine Experimental Learning. The goal is to help break down barriers and improve communication, to help participants with problem-solving, anger management, self-esteem, relationship skills and coping skills.


  • This program provides a wide array of experiences and opportunities - from basic farm chores and horse handling to riding and most importantly, a personal experience in self-discovery. The horses help participants to gain self-understanding and emotional growth. In most cases, the horses are not ridden, and usually are not tethered in the arena, but allowed to roam free. Exercises can be as simple as giving the client a halter and letting them figure out how to approach the horse and put it on.


  • Veterans
  • Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Service Personnel

Contact Info

Horses & Heroes

143 Gilbert Stuart Road
Saunderstown, RI 02874