Military OneSource
Department of Defense

Program Description

Military OneSource is a free service provided by the Department of Defense to service members and their families to help with a broad range of military life challenges.

Military OneSource offers information, referrals, and non-medical counseling services via telephone, online, or face-to-face. The Military OneSource Call Center is available 24 hours a day at 1-800-342-9647. Online resources and educational materials can be accessed through the Military OneSource website.

For direct Military OneSource outreach in RI, the Military OneSource Consultant is Julie DelCourt.


  • Life skills counseling for anger management, parenting, and relationship issues.
  • Military lifestyle counseling for deployment stress, reintegration, relocation adjustment, coping skills, and grief.
  • Financial counseling.
  • Health coaching for stress management, cardiovascular health, and weight management.
  • Wounded Warrior Resources to provide immediate assistance to wounded service members and their families.
  • Language translation and interpretation services.


  • All active-duty service members of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force, as well as members of the National Guard and Reserve Component (regardless of activation status) are eligible for all of the services and resources offered through Military OneSource. Unless activated as part of the Department of the Navy under Title 10 authority, Coast Guard members and their families are ineligible for Military OneSource services because they are a component of the Department of Homeland Security. Instead, Coast Guard members and families may access the Coast Guard Support Program by calling 855-CGSUPRT (855-247-8778).
  • Delayed-entry and those who have entered into a non-binding but promissory contract with the Army, Marine Corps, Navy or Air Force; as well as students enrolled in the Army, Navy or Air Force academy or an accredited Reserve Officers' Training Corps can access Military OneSource by phone or take advantage of the online information.
  • Medically discharged service members being treated through one of the services' wounded warrior or seriously ill and injured programs are also eligible for Military OneSource confidential help and all additional services. Retired or honorably discharged service members, including those medically discharged, separated or on the Temporary Disability Retirement List, remain eligible up to 180 days after their end of tour of service, retirement date or discharge date.
  • Military family members
  • Immediate family members of all active-duty, National Guard and Reserve Component service members, including spouses and children who are enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System and anyone who is legally responsible for a service member's children during a separation or deployment may access Military OneSource services. Additionally,
  • family members or caregivers tending to a service member's affairs during a deployment or caring for severely injured service members who are incapable of handling their own affairs are eligible for confidential help from Military OneSource. Parents and immediate family members of delayed-entry and those who have entered into a non-binding, but promissory contract with the Army, Marine Corps, Navy or Air Force may access Military OneSource online or confidential help through the call center on behalf of the recruit or for concerns that are directly related to the recruit.
  • Survivors of deceased active-duty, National Guard and Reserve Component service members are eligible for all Military OneSource services regardless of the cause of death of the service member.
  • Department of Defense civilians and families
  • Military OneSource services are fully accessible by members of the DoD Civilian Expeditionary Workforce (as defined by DoD Directive 1404.10) and their immediate family members during deployment, the 90 days prior to deployment, and the 180 days following deployment.
  • Department of Defense civilians, National Guard and Reserve Component employees, government contractors, state civilians, contractors, and organizations are authorized access to a limited number of Military OneSource services if they provide direct support to service members and military family members. Family members of these DoD employees are not eligible for Military OneSource services.

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