Order of Daedalians Scholarships

Program Description

John and Alice Egan Multi-Year Scholarships

The Egan Multi-Year Mentoring Scholarship Program is for Flights willing to commit $500 annually to a multi-year mentoring program with a maximum of four years for an individual student who has completed his freshman year. The Daedalian Foundation will supplement the local flight's $500 with at least $2,000 each year. (This scholarship is not tied to the Matching Program. It is an additional program and a student may compete for both programs.)

Descendants Scholarships

To further the Objectives of the Order of Daedalians insofar as assisting in the education of deserving young persons in the fields of aerospace engineering and flight, and encouraging those young people who receive valuable aerospace training to pursue a military career, the Daedalian Foundation has established a Descendants Scholarship Program for descendants of Daedalian members. The Foundation will award up to three (3) $2,000 scholarships annually to eligible students nominated by Daedalian Flights or submitted directly by the descendent and to the Scholarship Committee of the Daedalian Foundation. Additional awards may be made based upon availability of resources.

ROTC, Nissen and Getchell Scholarships

The Daedalian Foundation awards 19 - $2,500 scholarships (5 Getchell, 8 Air Force, 3 Army and 3 Navy) to cadets selected and nominated by the ROTC headquarters (Air Force, Navy, Army). Cadets receiving these awards are not eligible to receive a Matching or any other Scholarship in the same year. Flights who have more applicants to their Matching Program than can be considered should refer the cadet to these programs.

Cadet Flight Indoctrination Program

The Colonel Les Leavoy and Brigadier General David Lee "Tex" Hill Scholarships are available to any flight participating in the Daedalian CFIP Program. The annual award(s) are funded from separate accounts within the Daedalian Foundation. The annual number of awards will be dependent on funds available from the ongoing interest and donation income.

Spencer Scholarships

The Colonel Loren and Mrs. Randy Spencer annual scholarships (4) are awards made to applicants submitted and sponsored by the flight(s) most successful in recruiting new members into the Order of Daedalians.

Baird Scholarship

A $1,000 scholarship given in the memory of Colonel Jay Baird, is part of the Scholarship Program. The recipient must have been selected for military pilot training from Colonel Baird's local flight in Dayton, Ohio.

CAP Scholarships

The CAP program, dedicated to developing informed and well-rounded citizens and future aerospace leaders, is one of the more dynamic youth activities in America. For this reason the Daedalian Foundation awards Major General Lucas V. Beau Scholarships to CAP cadets for ground and flight instruction leading to a private pilot's license. The recipients of these awards are nominated by Headquarters, Civil Air Patrol, Maxwell AFB, Alabama, and approved by the Foundation Scholarship Committee.


  • You must want to be a military pilot
  • Have a financial need

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