Physical and Mental Benefits of Music
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Program Description

Your doctor will prescribe at least 20 minutes per day of listening to instrumental or light vocal music while focusing on the feelings involved in depression. Music causes the mind and body to respond to it's familiarity and the feelings associated with it. Some of the music will be what is considered relaxing and comforting to the patient; other music may include different types of music as recommended by the doctor to elicit different responses and find out what feelings are provoked by the music. You may listen to the music therapy depression treatment during psychotherapy sessions to help you relax, open up to the doctor and begin to make headway in relieving depression. Each program is different depending on the patient's progress.


  • Services are different for every depression sufferer. One's doctor will alter the amount of music and type of music used in therapy depending on the patient's progress.


  • Active duty military
  • Veteran
  • Family member

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Physical and Mental Benefits of Music

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