Pro Bono Financial Planning For our Military

Program Description

Members of the Financial Planning Association are available to offer pro bono assistance to those in need. FPA works closely with military staffs to create programs that address clients' needs. Whether providing education seminars or individualized counseling, volunteers can assist military personnel preparing for mobilization, families dealing with long deployments and troops recovering after deployment, as well as other qualified individuals, families and businesses. FPA volunteers abide by prescribed guidelines and follow the financial planning process.

They do not sell products or services while engaged in pro bono activities. There is no charge, no commitment, no pressure , just unbiased financial advice. The Financial Planning Association is the membership organization for the financial planning community, with 100 chapters and more than 29,000 members nationwide. FPA established its non-profit National Financial Planning Support Center in 2001 to offer pro bono services to victims of the September 11 attacks. Since then, pro bono services have grown nationally, and FPA volunteers have helped hundreds of people get their financial lives in order. PFA pro bono services are provided by or supervised by certified financial planner professionals. CFP professionals must meet high training and experience requirements and abide by a code of ethics, further assuring their objectivity.


  • Seminars and workshops focusing on the following: Basic financial literacy, budgeting, debt management, understanding insurance, building savings, and customized programs.
  • Individualized counseling
  • Seminars and workshops for staff partner organizations
  • Educational brochures


  • Active duty military, military veterans or their family members

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Pro Bono Financial Planning For our Military

P.O. Box 76
Westborough, MA

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