Provision of Guide and Service Dogs

Program Description

America's VetDogs -- Veteran's K-9 Corps® provides independence, mobility and companionship for veterans and military personnel of all eras -- from World War II to those recently wounded in active conflicts abroad -- who are visually impaired or have other disabilities, through the use of assistance dogs (guide and service). Guide dogs help people with visual disabilities move about safely and confidently. Service dogs are trained to pick up dropped articles, open doors, push elevator buttons, warn of seizures, pull wheelchairs and act as ‘walking canes’ for people with amputations and balance problems and include assistance, therapy, facility, and companion dogs. Therapy and facility dogs are trained to accompany physical and occupational therapists at military medical centers and work with many of the wounded warriors in rehabilitation. Therapy dogs also provide companionship and stress relief to service men and women stationed in the United States or deployed overseas.

America’s VetDogs breeds and trains their own puppies to become assistance dogs, trains and instructs persons on their use, and provides a lifetime of aftercare support to the new owner/dog team. They have successfully trained people with blindness, spinal cord injuries, hearing impairments, peripheral and central balance disorders, limb loss, and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Since its inception in 2003, America’s VetDogs has trained and placed over 250 assistance dogs with our nation’s wounded veterans.


  • America’s VetDogs trains and places assistance dogs (guide and service) to help veterans with disabilities to once again lead active, independent lives. They provide the following:
  • Guide Dogs for those who are blind or visually impaired
  • Wheelchair Guides for people who are blind or visually impaired and use electric wheelchairs
  • Service Dogs for people who are physically disabled
  • Service Dogs for PTSD for those whose primary disability is combat related.
  • Seizure Response Dogs
  • Hearing Dogs for those who have a minimum of a 30% bilateral hearing loss
  • Military Facility Dogs that accompany staff members who work in military hospitals, VA’s etc.
  • At this time America’s VetDogs only provides dogs that assist with the management of PTSD as a pilot program (see eligibility.) They do not provide Diabetic Alert Dogs, dogs that detect medical symptoms such as cancer, dogs that provide personal protection, or Emotional Support Dogs.


  • Men and women who are active military, veterans or first responders who have honorably served our Country and are visually or hearing impaired or physically disabled. Also eligible are professionals working with Military organizations that provide physical or mental health care to clients who will benefit from interaction with an Assistance Dog. At this time, America’s VetDogs does not provide service dogs for those whose primary disability is PTSD, unless they live within 150 miles of the following cities: Smithtown, NY, Stockton NJ, Palmetto FL, Clear Brook VA, Washington DC, Alfred ME, or Sandersville GA.

How To Apply

  • Click here to access the application.
  • America's VetDogs Application Request Form
  • Before completing the Application Request Form, please make sure you review the Program Admission Information about the application process. Once America's VetDogs receives your request form, it will be reviewed to determine if we can train an assistance dog to meet your needs. Only qualifying applicants will receive a detailed application within fifteen (15) business days. Please note that completing the Application Request Form does not guarantee acceptance as a VetDogs client.


  • Required Documents (Documentation required in order to qualify for services. These may include DD-214’s, ID cards, earning statements, etc.):
  • Their detailed application lists all required documents
  • If you are a veteran and registered with the Department of Veterans Affairs, they will accept your
  • VA medical records as part of your application.

Contact Info

371 East Jericho Turnpike
Smithtown, NY 11787-2976

About America's VetDogs - The Veteran's K-9 Corps

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