Recycle-a-Bike Open Shop

Program Description

Everyone is welcome to drop into our space during our open shop hours. Visitors can use our bike stands, specialized tools and space to make repairs or do routine maintenance on their bikes. Used bike parts are available at discounted prices. The price of new parts are determined by the market rate.


  • This is a do-it-yourself model, where they take pride in teaching visitors how to make the repairs and adjustments, instead of simply doing the work for them. Their in-house Master Mechanics are always on hand to provide technical expertise and guidance. You don’t need any mechanical experience to join, but do be prepared to get your hands greasy. There is a suggested donation of $5/hour. Anyone may also volunteer during these hours, and time donated helping the shop will earn points which may be traded for parts, or shop time.
  • Open Shop Hours: Tuesdays 5-8pm and Saturdays 10am-2pm

Contact Info

12 Library Court
Providence, RI 02909

About Recycle-a-Bike

Recycle-A-Bike (RAB) is a volunteer-based community organization that connects people with refurbished bikes, provides practical bike knowledge, and advocates bicycle use by safer, more confident cyclists. MORE