Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship

Program Description

Sentinels of Freedom scholarships offer up to 4 years of assistance to severely wounded post 9/11 veterans who are pursuing higher education. Scholarships include 2 years of housing subsidy, plus mentoring and networking for employment opportunities upon degree completion. Other services may also involve legal and financial planning, liaison with military and VA resources, peer connections, and goal-setting. Emergency assistance for unexpected needs is considered on a case by case basis.


  • Housing subsidy, mentoring, networking, and liaison services while attending school in pursuit of a 2 or 4 year degree or advanced certification at a VA approved institution. (See also above.)


  • Post 9/11 veterans who have combat-related, severe wounds and a 60% or greater VA rating.* (* Some exceptions apply for PTSD ratings.) Applicants must be currently attending or planning to enroll in an institute of higher learning approved by the VA for GI Bill or Voc Rehab payments. No scholarships can be awarded until applicant has been honorably discharged from the service.

How To Apply

  • Application Process Overview
  • Open January 1 - Close June 1 for Fall (August) school starts
  • Open June 1 - Close November 1 for Winter (January) school starts.
  • Online Sentinel Questionnaire (First Step)
  • 1.Please complete this form in its entirety. The Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation cannot thoroughly evaluate your qualifications unless all information is provided. Blank fields will prevent the online form from being submitted, so please put “Unknown at this time” if you do not have some information readily available.
  • 2.Once completed you will receive an automated email in reply with a link to a required release form. (Check your spam or junk mail folder if you don’t see it in your inbox within 24 hours of your questionnaire submission.) Please print, complete, sign and fax back to us the Authorization for Disclosure of Information, which gives Sentinels of Freedom permission to contact your caseworkers and other advocates regarding your eligibility for the program. Fax the form to the Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation at 925-867-1078. Your qualifications cannot be considered until the authorization form is received.
  • Following these two initial steps, your basic qualification will be verified and you will then be sent a full application package, also via email. There are several components to this package, all of which they use to gain a solid understanding of your current status and your future goals, as well as to measure how their organization might realistically assist you with financial need, education, and career mentorship/networking.


  • include DD-214’s, ID cards, earning statements, etc.):
  • Online questionnaire
  • Authorization for Release of Information
  • Request for Additional Information Package (‘RAFI’ – main application package)
  • Letter of Reference
  • Financial Statement
  • HIPAA release form
  • Photo release form
  • Photo
  • DD214
  • Background/Credit Check
  • Personality Profile Survey
  • Awards/Transcripts

Contact Info

925-380-6342 X 3
Street Address: 2678 Bishop Drive, Ste. 105 San Ramon, CA 94583
Mailing Address: PO Box 1316 San Ramon, CA 94583

About Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation

The mission of Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation is to assist severely wounded, post-9/11 Veterans in their efforts to become productive and self-sufficient members of their communities as they transition back into civilian life. Their ... MORE